Rethinking Vaccines

I have, at various times and in various circumstances, come to the uncomfortable conclusion that I need to revisit some issue or concept that I thought I had understood but later found myself questioning due to an internal or external interaction with reality.

It is uncomfortable because there is the possibility that I may have made an earlier mistake.

Perhaps I uncritically accepted what someone had said, or I only heard what I wanted to hear, or I simply didn’t fully understand what I thought I understood.

On her blog, Leila Miller describes such an occasion in her life regarding vaccines.

Having been an enthusiastic supporter of vaccines earlier in life, she started to question her support as she ran into real-world contradictions, particularly abortion-tainted vaccines.

I’ll leave her story to her telling. I think she is not alone in what she has had to learn.

I would echo her recommendations to do due diligence. It will save you discomfort in the future.

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