Repeat Local Presentation on Reality of Abortion in Colorado

Now that the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA, HB22-1279) has been passed by the Colorado legislature and signed by the governor, the reality of abortion in Colorado has changed.

Back in May representatives of Life Decisions were in Colorado Springs to “share the truth about the reality of abortion in Colorado and related bills.” They are coming back again, this time to Woodland Park, to continue their educational endeavor. Those to present at this event include Giuliana Day, the president of Life Decisions, Dr. Catherine Wheeler, an ob/gyn, and Dr. Tom Perille, president of Democrats for Life of Colorado.

The presentation will be made at Our Lady of the Woods Catholic Church, 116 S. West St., Woodland Park, starting at 7 pm on Thursday, October 6.

If you can schedule the time, and especially if you were unable to make the earlier event, we encourage you to attend this presentation to learn more about the changing environment in Colorado in regards to life.

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