Remember Resolutions for 2020 Caucuses

The presidential primary is over and now it is time for the precinct caucuses.

Please attend your precinct caucus on Saturday March 7!

If you are unfamiliar with caucuses, the Secretary of State has a brief “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) presentation available at the Secretary of State website.

At your caucus you will have the opportunity to support the election of delegates who will defend life and to introduce resolutions that support positions favorable for life.

In order to help you elect delegates, we are compiling a list of survey responses from political candidates regarding their positions on life issues. You can use the responses gathered so far as an aid in determining which delegates to vote for in your caucus.

Our February newsletter provides information on how you can introduce pro-life resolutions at your caucus and provides two sample resolutions. Feel free to use these resolutions “as is” or modify them as you see fit.

You can see previous blog posts from the last election regarding a resolution on life, a resolution on conscience, and a resolution on marriage. These were even combined into a PDF to make printing easier for you.

Some people have commented that our resolutions appear to be too long to them. If you agree with their conclusion, please feel free to shorten them in any way you think would be helpful to gain success in passing the resolution in your caucus.

Other people have commented that the resolutions may work better in a Republican caucus than in a Democrat caucus. We encourage you to tailor the resolutions to fit the caucus environment you are most likely to encounter. For example, Democrats for Life of Colorado has one proposed resolution that runs as follows:

“In keeping with Roe v. Wade, as a pregnancy advances, the rights of the pregnant woman need to be balanced against the rights of the rapidly developing human fetus. At 22 weeks gestation, the fetus is capable of living independently and feeling pain. The woman’s risk of serious abortion complications increase the later in gestation that abortion is pursued. We believe abortion should be prohibited beyond 22 weeks except to preserve the life of the mother.”

Once you propose a resolution you may have some people who disagree with some portion of it. However, it may be the case that you can bring them to agree with it if certain changes are made to the resolution. Do not be afraid to make some modifications if those modifications still result in a resolution that defends life.

Also, if you plan to offer more than one resolution, you may want to start with the resolution you think is most likely to succeed with your fellow precinct members.

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