Reflections from The Sidewalk

I am relatively new to the Pro-Life Movement. In fact, for almost half my life I would have identified myself as Pro-Choice. The story of how I switched sides can come later. For now, I thought you should know me better. I recently joined the board of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life as Vice President. Most of you have been embroiled in this battle for life far longer than I have, and for that I thank you. Though I am new to the fight, I hope to show you that I am a passionate addition to the forces in the trenches.

I will never forget my first hour as a Pro-Life warrior. A friend coordinating 40 Days for Life at my parish in Northern Virginia asked me to fill a space on the schedule. As anyone who knows me at all understands, I am not good at saying ‘no’. So I said ‘yes’. I showed up at the appointed time and place and felt immediately awkward. The people already there seemed to know what they were doing. I did not. But, I decided I could walk and pray. So that’s what I did.   I walked back and forth, the length of the sidewalk in front of the clinic praying the Rosary for my hour. I didn’t talk to anyone. We weren’t permitted near the entrance. But in a small way, I felt heard. I felt a part of something bigger. And I felt hope. And that hope is what keeps me coming back to The Sidewalk.

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