Reflections from the Sidewalk, Part 2

As I walked the sidewalk along Centennial Blvd in front of Planned Parenthood – Colorado Springs Westside Health Center yesterday I reflected on my experiences over the years during the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils. There have been rainy days, bitter cold days, windy days, and sunny, warm days (like yesterday). There has been one constant in my 40 Days for Life experiences: the people. While the names and faces have changed, the people with whom I’ve shared the sidewalk have, without exception, been passionate about saving women and babies from the tragedy of abortion. They have not been angry or vindictive against either the women entering the clinics or those working inside them. Rather, they have prayed intensely for EVERYONE touched by this horrible reality. They smile at me, and we nod at one another acknowledging our small part in fighting the battle against the culture of death. Some hold signs, some pray quietly, some walk, some stand, but every single one I’ve encountered has inspired me to continue coming to the sidewalk to pray. The campaign goes through November 6th, for more information go to

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