Redesigned Website Soon to Appear

As noted in our August newsletter, a redesigned Pikes Peak Citizens for Life website is on the way.

We had hoped it would be ready for the beginning of August. However, some final details have stretched out the timeline a bit.

Your patience, though, will be met with a site we expect to be more effective in communicating to you the specifics of issues, activities, events and everything else that is critical to the pro-life community in the Pikes Peak region.

I would give you an exact date of the new rollout, but I’ve learned my lesson.

Instead, it will be a surprise.

I hope you like it.

One response to “Redesigned Website Soon to Appear

  1. Hurray for at least one state in the Union, as stated in an article found today, Sept. 7,2018 at …” a requirement in Kentucky that ultrasounds be displayed and described.” This Kentucky case is one of …” 13 abortion cases currently before federal appeals courts,…” Authentic pro-choice advocates should applaud this requirement to assure the pregnant woman gets all the pertinent data to make a true choice regarding her reproductive rights.
    Mark Feliz

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