Recalling Amendment 3 from 1984

Right now the Colorado Constitution prohibits public funding of abortion.

The prohibition is in Section 50 of Article V:

No public funds shall be used by the State of Colorado, its agencies or political subdivisions to pay or otherwise reimburse, either directly or indirectly, any person, agency or facility for the performance of any induced abortion, PROVIDED HOWEVER, that the General Assembly, by specific bill, may authorize and appropriate funds to be used for those medical services necessary to prevent the death of either a pregnant woman or her unborn child under circumstances where every reasonable effort is made to preserve the life of each.

You might recall that the people of Colorado placed this prohibition in the constitution in 1984.

What you might not recall is the close margin by which the initiative passed, 50.39% to 49.61%.

All of this background is of interest now that there is an effort underway to repeal this amendment.

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