Radical Abortion Bill on Governor’s Desk

The “Reproductive Health Equity Act” (HB22-1279), a radical pro-abortion bill that enshrines abortion as a fundamental right in Colorado, has passed both the Colorado House and Colorado Senate on party-line votes and is now sitting on the governor’s desk.

One last chance to reject the bill is with a veto by the governor. You can contact the governor in multiple ways, as noted on the governor’s website. Please consider contacting him and requesting he veto this bill. The governor’s website says that phone and email are the best way to contact him.

Governor’s office, front desk: (303)866-2471
Governor’s email: governorpolis@state.co.us

Every attempt to amend the bill was defeated, even an amendment that “would have required abortion facilities to sterilize equipment,” as noted in analysis by LifeNews.

Once again, we encourage you to request a veto of this egregious bill by the governor.

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