Puppies are Offensive? Really?

Dear Friend of Life,

What if Planned Parenthood Killed Puppies? Then would you care? Our community engagement campaigns continue to reach new audiences. We are inspiring our pro-life community, disturbing the pro-abortion community, and causing those in the middle to examine their apathy to millions of human deaths.

The query has been remarkably effective in eliciting the notice of those gripped by the culture of death.

“Some members of our staff were disturbed and asked about the ad,” reported the publisher of the Independent.

A detractor wrote, “Your absurd billboard making reference to puppies is offensive!” She goes on to justify her position as a way to avoid unhappiness, “I have heard children say, ‘Why did I have to be born?’”

Another revealed his desire to degrade women to the level of animals, “We neuter and spay because we care. Maybe it’s time to apply that philosophy to people… Abortions should be free as well as the subsequent sterilization.”

These responses are completely in tune with the culture of death. They devalue men and women, and foster the notion that killing children in abortion is a necessary and even a blessed option. They also demonstrate that our ads captured their attention so much that they had to comment.

The pro-life community has also been impacted. One wrote, “I think your puppy billboard is OUTSTANDING! I have actually known “pro-choice” people who think killing unborn babies is just fine, but those same people would violently defend a puppy or kitten. I have never understood that kind of skewed thinking. Hopefully, this billboard will make a difference – it sure should! Keep up the great work.”

Our entirely volunteer organization is engaging our culture’s focus on death in other ways as well. From the realistic models of human development that we display at booths, to the information we present in newsletters, presentations, social media, on radio, in print ads, and on our website, to the messaging we promote via our Life Chain, Roses for Life, and Sidewalk Advocates, we are tirelessly demonstrating that human life is special and should be cared for from the first moment of existence, throughout life until natural death.

Your financial assistance helps us communicate the message that human life is worth saving, protecting, and defending – at every age and every stage.

Thank you for joining PPCFL in defending Life!

Matt Niedzielski, President of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life

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