Proposed Caucus Resolutions

As the party caucuses approach, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life encourage all citizens in the region to engage in the political process and specifically to attend precinct caucus meetings to let your voice be heard.

We particularly encourage you to consider proposing one of the following resolutions for adoption by your precinct in an effort to influence the party platform builders to defend the right to life and conscience rights of the good people of Colorado.

If you are unsure what participation in a caucus looks like, we invite you to join us on Sunday, February 25, at 1:30pm at the Hope House (near Holy Trinity Catholic Church) 3101 Poinsetta Dr., COS, 80907 for Pro-Life Caucus Training.


Believing in the founding principles of this nation – that all human beings are “created equal” with respect to their natural and “unalienable” right to life and, therefore, are entitled to equal recognition under the law. 


AFFIRM support for a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution

ENDORSE legislation making clear that 14th Amendment protections apply regardless of size, age, illness, intellectual capacity or physical ability; 

OPPOSE the use of public revenues for abortion and for cloning of, or destructive experimentation on, any human being, from the single-celled stage until natural death; 

COMMEND those who provide life-affirming alternatives to abortion, assisted suicide (physician prescribed death) or euthanasia. 

We RESPECTFULLY ask all delegates and alternates to vote to adopt a plank which states: “On behalf of the most vulnerable members of our society, we call for the legal protection of the preborn, the disabled, the elderly, and the ill.” 


WHEREAS the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”;


WHEREAS the intent of the First Amendment was to protect religion from government intrusions;


WHEREAS the original colonists had fled to America to escape such tyrannical intrusion;


WHEREAS the same kind of tyrannical erosion of religious liberty is becoming more and more egregious in our nation;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that no people should be compelled to act in violation of their religious, ethical or professional consciences nor be discriminated against if they refuse to act in violation of the consciences;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that no church or religious affiliated group be compelled to act in violation of its teachings or suffer consequences if they refuse to act in violation of its teachings; 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the three branches of federal government be called upon to insure the protection of the consciences and religious liberty of all its citizens and institutions. 

Resolution for the Sanctity of Life (1)

Be it resolved that we call for the legal protection & dignity of the preborn, the disabled, the elderly, & the ill. We further condemn assisted suicide & euthanasia, & support the belief that life begins at conception.

Resolution for the Sanctity of Life (2)

Be it resolved that El Paso County ___________ (insert party affiliation) believe human life begins at fertilization, deserves protection under law, and support enactment of Protect Life ordinances that declare localities and states sanctuaries for the unborn, prohibit abortions within municipal and state limits, and provide for a civil enforcement mechanism.

Proposed Pro-Life Resolutions for Democratic Caucus

Resolution 1: We recognize that members of our party hold differing positions on issues of deep personal conscience, such as abortion, euthanasia and the death penalty. We welcome into our ranks Democrats of differing positions on these and other issues so we can collaborate on issues that we agree on.

Resolution 2: We believe that that infants born alive after a failed abortion attempt are entitled to the same medical attention as any newborn infant. We further believe that that doctors should be required to provide standard medical care to any infant delivered alive after an attempted abortion procedure.

Resolution 3: In keeping with Roe v. Wade, as a pregnancy advances, the rights of the pregnant woman need to be balanced against the rights of the rapidly developing human fetus.  At 22 weeks gestation, the fetus is capable of living independently and feeling pain. The woman’s risk of serious abortion complications increases the later in gestation that abortion is pursued. We believe abortion should be prohibited beyond 22 weeks except to preserve the life of the mother. 

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