Propaganda Via Statistics

Statistics can be used to mislead, and CNN has provided yet another example of the practice.

As noted by Michael New in a LifeNews article, CNN is blaming the Texas Heartbeat Act for an increase in the infant mortality rate in Texas. Other causes for the statistic are not pursued.

As Dr. New notes: “Furthermore, it should also be noted that the infant mortality rate in Texas in 2022 was well within recent historical norms. In fact, the Texas infant-mortality rate was actually lower in 2022 than in any year from 2007 to 2017. That of course receives no mention in the CNN article.”

Dr. New also notes: “Finally, there is a plausible reason why the Texas infant-mortality rate might have increased in 2022. The leading cause of infant mortality in Texas is congenital conditions. The Texas Heartbeat Act is not causing an increase in congenital conditions but rather preventing unborn children from being aborted due to their medical condition. Many such children were tragically dying before the Texas Heartbeat Act. However, since they were aborted, they were not counted as infant deaths.”

It is important that we be cognizant of propaganda efforts such as the one noted here by CNN and that we not be fooled by it.

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