Pro-lifers fundraise for Value Them Both Recount

Kansas citizens recently voted on “Value Them Both” a proposed pro-life amendment to the state constitution clarifying that abortion is not a protected constitutional right in Kansas. This was the first statewide vote on abortion since the overturn of Roe. Surprisingly, the pro-life amendment was voted down, or at least that’s what was reported.

Kansans that have seen election irregularities believe the reported vote count could be fraudulent. Pro-life advocate Melissa Leavitt has taken a lead role in requesting a hand-recount and audit. The state of Kansas has agreed to a hand-recount of ballots, as opposed to using controversial machine counting, if pro-lifers can pay for their requested recount by August 17th.

A fundraiser launched to secure sufficient funds for a hand recount audit on GiveSendGo had raised over $47,000 as of Tuesday afternoon. Pro-life and election integrity advocates have contributed generously, some having maxed out credit cards or used personal retirement funds to see that a partial hand recount will be paid for. One pro-lifer attempted to use his house as collateral to pay the over $200,000 cost of a statewide recount, however the use of property was rejected. Recount advocates have secured funds to pay for a recount in nine counties.

Earlier today Melissa Leavitt provided an update on her TikTok

You can contribute to the fundraiser at

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