“Pro-Life” Republican Chooses Abortion

Last month three Arizona Republicans joined with Democrats in the Arizona House of Representatives to repeal Arizona’s near-total abortion ban.

While it is no surprise to see Republicans supporting abortion, it is terribly frustrating when they continue to say they are pro-life.

In particular, as noted in LifeSiteNews, Rep. Matt Gress was one of the Republicans who voted for the abortion ban repeal. Rep. Gress concluded the ban “is unworkable and out of line with the values of Arizonans.” His statement continued on X with the following:

As someone who is both Pro-Life and the product of strong women in my life, I refuse to buy into the false notion pushed by the extremes on both sides of this issue that we cannot respect and protect women and defend new life at the same time.

One has to ask what are the real falsehoods and extremes here! Is it extreme to defend vulnerable, innocent human life from brutal murder? Is it necessary to kill children in order to respect and protect women? Can you kill children and defend them at the same time? Can you be Pro-Life and still support killing innocent children?

If there is an extreme here, it is the muddled thinking of the representative!

The lesson for us is clear: we can’t trust what our politicians say. They twist words until they mean nothing, or worse, mean the opposite of what they really mean.

It is by their actions that we will know them.

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