Pro-Life Not Cool and Popular

An anonymous commentary on the Daily Signal demonstrates one of the difficulties we have in building a culture of life in our community.

The author, a young woman who was outwardly pro-life (she attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C.), describes how she led a double life, struggling with chastity and eventually becoming pregnant.

Her difficulty, in her words, was that: “Yet, behind the veil I presented to adults, I consistently bowed to the pressure of maintaining the ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ reputation I had with my high school peers.”

The secular culture, especially the culture fostered in our schools, is not pro-life friendly.

Thankfully, this young woman had good people to turn to, and was helped immensely by a pregnancy resource center.

In building a culture of life, one of our main hurdles will be addressing the culture in which our young people spend so much of their formative time.

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