Pro-Life Book Reviews: What to Say When

Another Fantastic Pro-Life Book

What to Say When – The Complete New Guide to Discussing Abortion – How to Change Minds and Convert Hearts in a Brave New World by Shawn D. Carney and Steve Karlen (of 40 Days for Life) is, in my opinion, a GREAT book for anyone who finds themselves opposing abortion and defending the sanctity of life in any situation.

The marks of a great book, or at least two of them, are that when you have read it

  1. You want to immediately start reading it again, and
  2. You want to give a copy to everyone you know

What to Say When meets both criteria. Almost every single person I’ve spoken to who has read it agrees.

While there are many really good pro-life books out there, this one has the distinction of being particularly timely. It looks at, and gives advice on speaking to, the most current pro-abortion arguments of the day. It addresses ‘Cancel Culture’ and the newest stereotypes of both abortion opponents and abortion supporters. It is, in a word, relevant.

Chapter titles include:

  • Go on Offense
  • What Not to Say
  • “My Body, My Choice”
  • Rape
  • Climate, Population Control, and Abortion
  • Planned Parenthood Is Abortion

I highly recommend you buy and read this book. It is available here

The book is $18 if you buy one, if you buy 20 or more, they’re $11.50 each. (That way you have plenty to give away!)

If you don’t want to buy your own copy, come to the Pikes Peak Citizens for Life office and borrow one of our copies. (we have lots of great pro-life books and videos you can borrow!)

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