Pro-Life Bills in 2020 Colorado Legislature

[Updated Feb 10 to correct typo in first bill number. It should read 20-1068, not 20-1086.]

Presently there are four pro-life bills being considered in the Colorado legislature, three in the House and one in the Senate. Here is the list:

The Senate bill hearing will be Monday February 3, the Protect Human Life bill hearing will be Wednesday February 5, and the last two will be heard in the same committee on Tuesday February 11.

Contact us if you are interested in testifying on any of these bills; perhaps we can work together.

If you can’t make it to the capitol, consider sending your message to the committees via email or phone. Contact information for the members of the various committees can be found by checking out the links above for each of the bills (each bill notes the committee it will be heard before, and it provides a link to learn more about the committee and its members).

Thank you for anything you can do to support these bills!

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