PPCFL Events for Summer and Fall

For those who like to know in advance what will be happening, here is a short summary of the major PPCFL activities coming up this summer and fall.

Summer is our busiest time for educational booths at fairs, conferences, malls and other places. Check out our Booth Page to find out the dates and locations for these booths.

October is Respect Life month which we will kick off with Life Chains in Colorado Springs and in Monument on Sunday October 6th.

For the entire month of October we conduct our Roses for Life project in our local churches, informing church-goers of the pro-life advances being made in the local community and inviting them to become a part of the pro-life effort.

If you feel called to help with a booth, a Life Chain, or with Roses for Life, let us know via our Volunteer Page or Contact Page.

Thank you for your support of Life!

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