PPCFL 2017 Fall Appeal

Fall 2017 billboard

We are engaged in a battle of David vs. Goliath proportions and we need your help!

As if the censorship of pro-life messages by the media and culture at large were not enough, in March the Proteus Fund launched the “Rights, Faith, & Democracy Collaborative” to oppose what the fund leadership calls “the inappropriate use of religious exemptions to curtail reproductive health, rights and justice.” With millions of dollars at their disposal, the Collaborative is funding pro-abortion groups at state, federal, and international levels. A law professor at the University of Notre Dame predicts that the Proteus Fund effort is aimed at “undermining the longstanding protections in American law for religious health care workers and institutions who cannot in conscience participate in abortion.”

To counter this Goliath-sized assault on life, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life continues to promote and encourage true reproductive health that protects both mother and childin our community by means of educational efforts conducted via advertising (radio, newspaper, TV and billboards), newsletters, presentations, information booths, Facebook, and on our website. Always working to expand our reach, especially to the younger generation, we have delved into digital media and have introduced a new logo, featured on our latest billboard, voluntarily designed by a young artist who is passionate about defending life!

Please help David beat Goliath with your donation to Pikes Peak Citizens for Life. Your financial assistance will be used to defeat the actions of Goliaths like the Proteus Fund and bring victory for life since “every life matters.”

Matt Niedzielski
President, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life

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