Politics Trumps Science for Many Biologists

A worldwide survey of biologists was conducted by a doctoral candidate to ascertain when life begins.

The response from 96% of the biologists was that life begins at fertilization.

Yet some of these same biologists, who “admit the procedure’s [abortion] victims were alive at the moment of fertilization” will “vote for and support legal abortion.”

The author of the study reports facing “intense opposition – not just from fellow students and survey respondents but from faculty, including his own thesis adviser.”

The science is clear, but political ideology has blinded the scientists from reaching the appropriate conclusions.

It is incumbent upon each of us to verify what the self-professed scientific experts tell us. Often we will find that they have been compromised by politics, consequently making their conclusions false and unworthy of consideration.

Read more about it with a review of the survey at LifeSiteNews or the detailed findings in Quillette.

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