Political Candidate Survey Responses for 2018

[Updated June 6, 2018]

In late January we sent our 2018 political survey to the local, state, and federal office candidates whom Pikes Peak area voters will be evaluating in the coming primary election. In all we sent surveys to over one hundred candidates. We have subsequently sent surveys to candidates who have entered any of the races after our original mailing effort. We have compiled the responses we have received so far and they are presented in this post for your information. Please consider the candidates responses, or lack thereof, when you go to vote!

Please note that this posting is the latest update of the candidate response tables we have had in our previous newsletters and on our website. We have provided in this post more candidate responses and have simultaneously removed the names of candidates we have discovered are no longer in their respective races (due to a loss at an assembly or some other reason).

Additionally we have updated the format of the response list so that it keeps the responses from each candidate in a single row to minimize any need to flip between pages.

Follow this link to go to our latest candidate response table and then vote in the primary election! Ballots have already been mailed!

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