PAS Proponents Have a Broad Agenda but Follow an Incremental Strategy

Jukka Varelius says physician-assisted suicide (PAS) should be for all who suffer distress, even those who don’t request it. Helga Kuhse says “If we can get people to accept the removal of all treatment and care, especially… food and fluids, they will see what a painful way this is to die: and…they will accept the lethal injection.” Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel says “increasingly it will be our collective determination as to what lives are worth living that will decide how incompetent patients are treated.” (In 2009-2019, Emmanuel developed his Complete Lives System based on the premise that our lives are complete at age 50. From then on, health-care could be “attenuated,” meaning rationed or even removed.)

Margaret Pabst Battin, aware people often change their minds about death when they’re actually in danger of dying, proposes an “advance directive implant,” (ADI), a programmable computer chip that would, at a pre-determined time, instantly kill by dispensing lethal medication. She says it would “avoid burdening others with overwhelming care and morally painful choices.”

Philip Nitschke, who’s been selling suicide and killing people for years, has now developed a new weapon. His group, Exit International, calls his device the Sarco Suicide Pod. Nitschke says a suicidal person steps into the pod, answers a few simple questions, then pushes a button. Within 30 seconds the pod reduces the oxygen level to 1%. (In short, the suicide pod is both a gas chamber and a coffin.)

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