To protect life because every life matters from conception to natural death


To promote, foster, encourage, uphold, and support reverence and respect for human life without regard to condition, age, race, religion, or color, whether born or unborn;

To educate the community about the dangers of abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and compulsory sterilization, and also to any other form of repressive or permissive legislation, which would allow the debasement of humankind; and

To encourage and promote a favorable spiritual, physical, and cultural environment which would improve the quality of life in a manner consistent with the above purposes.


President – Matt Niedzielski
Vice President – Julie Bailey
Secretary – Kathy Thilenius
Treasurer – John Combs
Newsletter – Holly Coco
Director – Mark Spengler
Director – Shannon Kelepolo
Director – Trevor Malloy