Our Presence In Front of Abortion Centers Is Noticed

Recently I became familiar with a National Abortion Federation (NAF) statistics report after I was asked by a local reporter to comment on it.

The “2017 Violence and Disruption Statistics” report states in its first paragraph that for 2017 abortion centers faced “an escalation of hostility and targeted activity” which the report attributes to “anti-abortion extremists feeling emboldened by the current political environment.”

Interestingly, the second paragraph notes “[t]here were again no acts of extreme violence, with no murders or attempted murders,” and also that the NAF “recorded a decrease in burglary, vandalism, and general online hate speech.”

So what was it that escalated? “[A] significant increase in activities aimed at disrupting services, intimidating providers and patients, and preventing women from obtaining the health care they need.”

Looking closer at their statistics, by far the largest component of what they call “disruption” is the activity they label “picketing.” We call this same activity pro-life witness, and we do it to direct women away from the sham health care of an abortion center and to the true health care of a pregnancy center.

Of course the report ignored the greatest category of violence, the killing of children and occasionally women that occurs in the abortion centers. It also failed to note that those “picketers” were actually reducing this violence by convincing at least a few women to go elsewhere for help.

So, we need to keep increasing those “picketing” numbers!

Additionally, we can help by supporting the effort to pass the “Life at Conception Act” described further in this newsletter.

The NAF has let us know that we are making a difference. Let’s keep it up!

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