Our Local Representatives’ Actions on Pro-Life Bills in 2017

[Updated 31 May 2017]

For many years Pikes Peak Citizens for Life has conducted surveys of political candidates to discover where each one of them stands on pro-life issues. A major aim of these surveys was to provide information to you the voter so that you could make the best selections on your ballot come Election Day.

Now we intend to expand our coverage of our political candidates to illustrate what pro-life actions they, our duly elected representatives, accomplished during a legislative session. Given that the 2017 legislative session came to an end earlier this month, the time to start is today.

The results to be displayed here are entirely based on specific actions, or lack thereof, that our representatives performed to advance pro-life legislation. Simple talk on pro-life issues is insufficient for our analysis. Only deeds publically performed, such as formal sponsorship of a bill or voting for/against a bill, are sufficient for consideration in this compilation of pro-life accomplishments.

During the 2017 Colorado legislative session a total of five pro-life bills were introduced in the Colorado legislature, four in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate. The following list describes the basic subjects of each of these bills:

·         HB17-1085: Concerning the adoption of the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” which would have required abortion facilities to file an annual registration to include various statistics on abortions as well as to require annual inspections of the facilities.

·         HB17-1086: Concerning the creation of the “Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act” which would have required abortionists to inform women of the possibility of abortion pill reversal.

·         HB17-1099: Concerning the termination of state funding for higher education institutions that engage in the trafficking of aborted human body parts.

·         HB17-1108: Concerning the protection of human life beginning at conception.

·         SB17- 284: Concerning the creation of the “Women’s Reproductive Information Guarantee for Health and Transparency (RIGHT) Act” which would have ensured that women are fully and accurately informed about their personal medical conditions regarding their pregnancies and health care options.

All of the House bills died in committee as a result of party-line votes (i.e., the Democrat majority in the House did not let any of the pro-life bills make it out of their initial committee hearings).

The Senate bill actually made it out of committee but died on the Senate floor when two Republicans joined the Democrats to kill it.

In brief, the following table displays how our local representatives acted on these pro-life bills. I have applied a simple color code using green to show positive actions on two or more bills, yellow to show positive action on one bill, and red to show actions against pro-life legislation or the absence of any positive pro-life actions.






SB17- 284

HD14 Dan Nordberg(R)


Prime sponsor




HD15 Dave Williams(R)






HD16 Larry Liston(R)






HD17 Tony Exum(D)






HD18 Pete Lee(D)






HD19 Paul Lundeen(R)






HD20 Terri Carver(R)






HD21 Lois Landgraf(R)

Note 1

Note 1



Note 1


SD09 Kent Lambert(R)





Note 3

SD10 Owen Hill(R)





Note 2

SD11 Michael Merrifield(D)





Note 4

SD12 Bob Gardner(R)





Note 3


·         Note 1: Rep. Landgraf asked many helpful pro-life oriented questions in the committee hearing and voted in favor of the bill in committee.

·         Note 2: Sen. Hill asked many helpful pro-life oriented questions in the committee hearing and voted in favor of the bill in committee and on the Senate floor.

·         Note 3: Voted in favor of bill in committee and on Senate floor.

·         Note 4: Sen. Merrifield voted against the bill on the Senate floor.

Unfortunately nearly half of the local legislators in the list performed no public actions to advance any of the pro-life bills in the legislature this year.

All of these legislators will come back for the 2018 legislative session. We need to encourage them all to take actions in favor of pro-life bills.

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