What is Happening Now?

  • We will be hosting the annual Life Chain prayer vigils both in Colorado Springs and in Monument. Learn more on our blog.
  • Our annual Roses for Life program will be running through the month of October. This program involves visits to area churches to remind them of the pro-life movement and to hand out roses to those who want one.
  • Our latest advertising campaign has already kicked off and calls Coloradoans back to a culture of life! Look for our bright billboards featuring the Colorado flag and an artful message for life.


Why is PPCFL Active in the Public Arena?

The fundamental position of the pro-life movement is that human life is special and must be defended from conception/fertilization to natural death. Spreading this pro-life message in the Pikes Peak region is the main objective of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, and the public arena is the most important venue in which to communicate this culture of life.

Since we are all active in some way or another in the public arena, PPCFL hopes to equip all pro-lifers with the information and other tools necessary to promote the pro-life message in whatever part of the public arena we find ourselves in.

Many of these tools already exist as either local, state, national or international resources. PPCFL builds on these existing resources with additional resources we put together ourselves. Our intent with this website and our other efforts is to provide you with a quick and easy way to make yourself knowledgeable about life issues so that you can take the life message to others.

So, if you find that we are missing something you know might be helpful, contact us to let us know!

We will constantly be compiling more comprehensive information which we will provide directly or through links to other resources. This whole undertaking will be continually refined as we better learn how to communicate the essential aspects of the continuously evolving pro-life effort to move our culture away from death and towards life.

Please check back occasionally to find out what is happening!

Thank you for your efforts to defend life!


Following are the Latest Headlines from LifeNews



Canadian Doctors Euthanized Three Patients Last Year Just Because They had Hip Fractures

Three people were euthanized in Quebec between April 2018 and March 2019 for a hip fracture. This is just one of the warnings about where legalization of euthanasia leads that can be drawn from the latest report on euthanasia in Quebec. Euthanasia in that Canadian province now accounts for nearly one out of fifty deaths […]

Man Tried to Drug His Girlfriend’s Drink After She Refused His Demand to Get Abortion

A Wisconsin man is facing homicide charges after he allegedly bought abortion drugs illegally and slipped them into his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s drink to kill her unborn child. Jeffrey Smith, of Wisconsin Rapids, is scheduled to stand trial Jan. 14, 2020, WSAU News reports. His charges include attempted first-degree homicide of an unborn child and felony […]

Planned Parenthood is Suing the Pro-Lifers Who Exposed Its Aborted Baby Part Sales for Millions

Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Harry Mihet makes his closing argument to the jury tomorrow morning in a San Francisco federal courtroom. The 11-person jury (one was excused after an accident) starts deliberating Wednesday. That’s why I’m asking you to pray for Harry . . . and especially for our client Sandra Merritt. She faces the very real […]

Catholic Hospital Bans Volunteer Who Encouraged Pregnant Woman to Not Have Abortion

A baby photographer said she was banned from a Catholic hospital in Texas after she counseled a woman against having an abortion. Jennie Drude, a professional baby photographer with Mom 365, told the Church Militant that she frequently worked at St. Luke’s Hospital in Woodlands and gave birth to all six of her own children […]