Youth & Community Education


PPCFL Presentations

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life (PPCFL) offers presentations and discussion forums on a wide variety of pro-life topics.

Each PPCFL presentation is typically 45-60 minutes in duration. Participation and questions are highly encouraged. We also encourage written and verbal feedback after each presentation.

Participants receive a gift at the conclusion of each presentation which typically includes the 12-week pre-born baby model and precious feet pin. Most of our presentations include a call to action. We are anxious not only to inform but also to foster dialogue.

PPCFL presentations can all be tailored to fit individual audiences – from church youth programs to adult gatherings. Our speakers are carefully selected and are uniquely qualified.

PPCFL Presentations for Life:

  • Life 101 is a PowerPoint-based presentation aimed at informing the audience of the main issues threatening the sanctity of life in our country. Issues addressed include abortion, stem cell research, human cloning, in vitro fertilization, euthanasia, and physician assisted suicide.
  • Sanctity of Life is a PowerPoint-based presentation designed to help the audience make the connection between a pregnancy and a living child. It includes a compelling video and small group discussion.
  • Adoption – What a beautiful Option! This presentation tells the touching story of one family’s adoption journey and the incredible gifts, both given and received, through the process.
  • Post Abortion – Our society would have us believe that abortion is the easy choice to take care of an inconvenient problem. This presentation exposes the truth about the lasting emotional, physical, and spiritual effects of the choice to abort.
  • End of Life Issues – Our secular culture is pushing to legalize Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) and Physician Assisted Death (PAD/Euthanasia). These practices undermine the crucial doctor-patient relationship and pose special risk to the most vulnerable among us: the elderly, physically disabled, mentally ill, and poor.

This presentation unmasks the pro-death movement; addresses fear about pain and disability; describes life-affirming treatments; and tells us what we can do to protect our vulnerable loved ones.

Comments made by students after attending the Sanctity of Life Presentation:

  • “Makes you realize abortion is not the best option.”
  • “I liked it when you talked about the ultrasound saving babies.”
  • “I liked seeing the estimated size of the baby at different stages.”
  • “The babies you gave us.”(each student receives a 12-week old rubber model of an unborn baby)
  • “Fun to listen to – interesting – kept my attention.”
  • “Changed my opinion on abortion.”
  • “Why is this not presented in schools?”
  • “Thank you!! You really made a positive impact on me.”

These comments reveal to us that our young people are not receiving the basic facts on the humanity of the pre-born person.

If you know of a youth group, club, organization or school who might like more information on such a presentation, please contact us by filling out our contact form, calling our office at 719-630-1999, or by sending us an e-mail at