Is Abortion “Holy”?

Is abortion “Holy”? How could one even use the word “Holy” in reference to abortion? That was my reaction when I came across an article titled “Holy Abortion” in First Things. If you’re not familiar with this publication, here’s the...Continued

What Is An Abortion

What is an abortion? What happens in an abortion? These questions can prove to be helpful when addressing abortion proponents, especially after they claim that abortion is “healthcare”. Of course, it helps if you know the answer to the questions...Continued

Citizen Initiatives

We have noted previously (here and here for example) that there is a pro-life initiative underway for the 2024 Colorado general election ballot. The process by which citizens can put a question on the ballot involves a couple steps: Having...Continued

Responding to Abortion Rationales

As I have mentioned earlier, it is prudent to evaluate our communication of the pro-life message with an eye towards improving it in any way we can. The consequences are significant. Recent comments made on “The View,” as reported by...Continued

Colorado Attracts Abortionists

One of the consequences of the Dobbs decision has been a migration of abortionists from Life states to Death states. Colorado has been one of the Death states to receive out-of-state abortionists. Last year Leroy Carhart set up shop in...Continued

MUST SEE: Life Defended at United Nations

Recently, in a commemoration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on its 75th anniversary, Lila Rose addressed the United Nations in a spectacular defense of the lives of preborn human beings. After detailing the background leading to the...Continued