Conversion of Abortionist

Former abortionist Dr. John Bruchalski tells the story of how a child that survived an abortion, attempted by him, ended up being a wake-up call to him to change his life. As described at LifeNews, as based on an interview...Continued

Supreme Court Allows Abortion Pill

As I had mentioned earlier, the Supreme Court was to decide whether to restrict the distribution of the abortion pill while a federal lawsuit proceeded through the court process. The Court has decided not to restrict the distribution of the...Continued

The State of the State on Child Murder

On Friday April 14th the governor signed three anti-life bills that had been collectively referred to as “RHEA 2.0” in reference to the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) passed last year. The bills just signed by the governor will protect...Continued

Awaiting Supreme Court Today

[Update April 20: The Supreme Court postponed their decision until Friday April 21.] Today the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to issue some sort of decision regarding a current federal court case challenging the validity of the FDA’s approval of...Continued

One Year With RHEA

A Rally for Life was held on the west steps of the Capitol yesterday to mark the one year point of the brutal and inhuman Reproductive Health Equity Act’s official passage last year when Governor Polis signed it on April...Continued

Rally for Life on West Steps of Capitol, Apr 4

On the one-year anniversary of Colorado’s Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA), which created a “fundamental right” to elective abortion for the full 40-weeks of pregnancy, come RALLY for LIFE and oppose new abortion legislation moving through our state legislature. The...Continued

Maternity Ward Closure Disinformation

A hospital in Idaho has decided to close its maternity ward, purportedly because pro-life laws in the state could be used to punish doctors. However, as reported in LifeNews, “Idaho laws do not ban health care.” What is going on...Continued

What A Difference a Border Makes

Our neighbor to the north, Wyoming, has put in place their Life is a Human Right Act, which protects preborn children by prohibiting elective abortions, as reported by LifeNews. An existing Wyoming law that banned abortions has been held up...Continued