Oppose Easy Assisted Suicide

Previously I noted that a bill (Senate Bill 24-068) currently in the state legislature aims to make assisted suicide easier in Colorado. Public testimony regarding the bill will be possible during a Senate Health & Human Services Committee meeting on...Continued

Time for Caucus Resolutions

Caucus time has again come. Republicans will be meeting on Thursday March 7 while Democrats will be gathering virtually on Saturday March 9. One aspect of the caucuses is the communication from the party grassroots (i.e., the individual members of...Continued

Making Assisted Suicide Easier

As we have noted before, advocates of physician assisted suicide (PAS) follow an incremental strategy. So it is no surprise that a bill in the legislature (Senate Bill 24-068) seeks to make PAS easier. A look at the bill’s summary...Continued

Disinformation on Rape and Pregnancy

Disinformation on abortion is ubiquitous, and even more so as we traverse this critical election period. LifeNews is reporting about a study in JAMA Internal Medicine that claims “tens of thousands of pregnancies resulted from rape in states that enacted...Continued

The Deep Pockets of the Other Side

We have seen it in previous elections. So, it is no surprise that the abortion supporters have plenty of money on hand, as noted in an article from Complete Colorado, to place a citizen-initiated measure on the 2024 ballot to...Continued

Is Abortion “Holy”?

Is abortion “Holy”? How could one even use the word “Holy” in reference to abortion? That was my reaction when I came across an article titled “Holy Abortion” in First Things. If you’re not familiar with this publication, here’s the...Continued

What Is An Abortion

What is an abortion? What happens in an abortion? These questions can prove to be helpful when addressing abortion proponents, especially after they claim that abortion is “healthcare”. Of course, it helps if you know the answer to the questions...Continued