Leaving 2018 and Starting 2019

Sobering news about 2018 greets us at the beginning of 2019. Nearly 42 million people died from abortion worldwide in 2018 making abortion far and away the leading cause of death worldwide, as reported by Breitbart and LifeNews. These reports...Continued

Almost Aborted: Lead Actress

The lead actress in the upcoming movie “Unplanned” discovered that she is alive today only because her mother made a LAST SECOND choice to walk out of an abortionist’s facility. The actress, Ashley Bratcher, has described her experience in an...Continued

Are Abortions Decreasing in the U.S.?

According to multiple sources, including Abort 73.com, abortion in the United States has been decreasing for the last several years. This is undeniably great news for those of us who believe abortion to be a scourge on humanity and the...Continued

Abortion Evangelist Claims to be Pro-life

Twisted language is an oft used modus operandi of pro-abortion apologists. A recent example, as conveyed by LifeNews, comes from comedian Lizz Winstead. She calls herself an “abortion evangelist” and contends that women should be able to kill their preborn...Continued

Abortion Is Not Health Care

Democrats have concluded that talking about abortion doesn’t help them. However, they strongly support abortion, including taxpayer funding of abortion. So, as explained by LifeNews, they are going to talk about health care instead, with the understanding that abortion is...Continued

Return Ballots by November 6

You should have received in the U.S. Mail your Colorado ballot by now. These ballots are for the 2018 general election which concludes at 7 PM on November 6. (The El Paso County elections website provides details on numerous aspects...Continued