Rally for Life on West Steps of Capitol, Apr 4

On the one-year anniversary of Colorado’s Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA), which created a “fundamental right” to elective abortion for the full 40-weeks of pregnancy, come RALLY for LIFE and oppose new abortion legislation moving through our state legislature. The...Continued

Maternity Ward Closure Disinformation

A hospital in Idaho has decided to close its maternity ward, purportedly because pro-life laws in the state could be used to punish doctors. However, as reported in LifeNews, “Idaho laws do not ban health care.” What is going on...Continued

What A Difference a Border Makes

Our neighbor to the north, Wyoming, has put in place their Life is a Human Right Act, which protects preborn children by prohibiting elective abortions, as reported by LifeNews. An existing Wyoming law that banned abortions has been held up...Continued

Colorado Springs City Election 2023

Ballots for the 2023 Colorado Springs city election should be in your possession by now. As with all elections, lots of political statements are being made. One that we hear often from politicians wishing to wiggle out from under a...Continued

Anti-Life Falsehoods Imperil Women

An informative and revealing article in The Spectator illuminates how falsehoods promoted after the Dobbs decision by abortion supporters, including politicians and doctors’ organizations, are putting the healthcare and even the lives of women at risk. The author of the...Continued

Colorado Springs Candidate Survey Results

The April 4, 2023 election could be the most consequential election for Colorado Springs voters to protect life. With the overturn of Roe V Wade, it is up to the city government to set abortion policy.  Planned Parenthood, in Colorado...Continued

Mayoral Forum Tonight, March 8

As noted in our March newsletter, a Colorado Springs mayoral candidate forum is to be held this evening at the Church for All Nations (6540 Templeton Gap Road) beginning at 6 PM. If you are unable to attend in person,...Continued

Forcing Secret Abortions

The New Mexico House of Representatives has passed a bill that would require schools to facilitate secret abortions on students. As detailed in a LifeNews story, House Bill 7 “could force teachers and school nurses to help students get secret...Continued

Baby Saved at the Sidewalk on Saturday

More good news has come from the sidewalk! The 40 Days for Life director has reported the following: “All praise to God! A baby was saved at the sidewalk last Saturday! Sidewalk advocates and prayer warriors were at the sidewalk...Continued