Visit Us at the State Fair

If you happen to be going to the Colorado State Fair this holiday weekend, come visit us at our booth in the vendor arena (the Palace of Agriculture) at the state fairgrounds. We would love to hear from you!Continued

Abortion Pill Restrictions Reinstated

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has “rightly required the FDA to do its job and restore crucial safeguards for women and girls, including ending illegal mail-order abortions,” notes Erin Hawley, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, in remarks about...Continued

Polis Says Abortion Is Bad

It is hard to believe, but in an interview on CNN, Governor Polis said abortion is bad and that Democrats are working to end it! However, as is aptly pointed out in the coverage of the interview by Complete Colorado,...Continued

Christian Pastor Endorsing Abortion

Surprisingly to some of us, one of the obstacles we face in promoting a culture of life is supposedly “Christian” pastors who endorse abortion. One such pastor in the news lately, as noted by LifeNews, is Rev. Rebecca Todd Peters....Continued

Pro-Life Not Cool and Popular

An anonymous commentary on the Daily Signal demonstrates one of the difficulties we have in building a culture of life in our community. The author, a young woman who was outwardly pro-life (she attended the March for Life in Washington,...Continued

Spinning Christ for Abortion

Of the many abuses of language surrounding abortion, the spinning of Christianity to support abortion is likely the most lamentable. In the PPCFL February 2023 newsletter I noted a Michigan Democrat in Congress who described herself as a “pro-choice Christian...Continued

Propaganda Via Statistics

Statistics can be used to mislead, and CNN has provided yet another example of the practice. As noted by Michael New in a LifeNews article, CNN is blaming the Texas Heartbeat Act for an increase in the infant mortality rate...Continued