“Disturbing” Campaign Just Got a LOT Bigger

It’s only puppies…  Why are they disturbed?  [Colorado Springs, CO / June 1, 2021]  – Just as the Disney anti-hero Cruella hits movie theaters – glorifying the fur-chasing Dalmatian predator – Pikes Peak Citizens for Life (PPCFL) is turning the...Continued

Confirming Pamela Acker’s Sources

In earlier posts I referred you to an interview with Pamela Acker that touched on the relationship between abortion and vaccine development. One of the many shocking statements from Acker during the interview was that “babies are still alive when...Continued

Letter to the Indy Editor

As noted in a previous post, the Colorado Springs Independent (Indy) published a PPCFL advertisement even though there was disagreement among the staff at the publication as to whether they should publish it. The Indy publisher noted in an editorial...Continued

The Indy Rejects Canceling of PPCFL Ad

The Colorado Springs Independent “believes in diverse voices and diverse points of view.” So says the paper’s publisher and executive editor, Amy Gillentine, in a column titled “Publisher’s note: Differing perspectives are a cornerstone of journalism” regarding the placement of...Continued

States Enacting Pro-Life Laws

Pro-life legislation is continuing to be enacted in several states. As noted by LifeSiteNews, Oklahoma recently enacted three laws that protect the unborn: Aborting a baby with a detectable heartbeat will be considered a homicide.Aborting a baby for any reason...Continued