Supreme Court Sidesteps Abortion Pill Case

In case you hadn’t heard, the US Supreme Court chose not to address the FDA’s over-relaxation of regulations regarding the abortion pill by declaring that the plaintiffs lacked standing (see more at LifeSiteNews). It seems like such a waste to...Continued

No July Newsletter

Our newsletter editor position is currently in transition and so we will not have a July newsletter. We may try another format, possibly a postcard-like arrangement, to see how well it works. As always, we encourage you to let us...Continued

Nearly All Abortions are for Birth Control

To reduce the frequency of abortion, one needs to know why abortion is chosen in the first place. Research from the Charlotte Lozier Institute, as reported by LifeNews, indicates that in almost every case abortion is chosen as “birth control”...Continued

Assisted Self-Murder via Waterboarding

Yesterday I noted how assisted self-murder is now becoming a recognized medical treatment thereby undermining medical health care. What is this ‘treatment’ like? It is not a “painless death,” as advocates of assisted suicide contend, but is  much more like...Continued

Murder as Health Care

You’ve heard from abortion activists that “abortion is health care”. It is happening at the other end of life as well. A recent example is an ill Canadian man who has been offered “state-sanctioned euthanasia ‘multiple times’ instead of getting...Continued

Unfathomable Impact of Abortion

I recently viewed “Divided Hearts of America,” a documentary on abortion in the United States, and it reminded me of the death toll resulting from abortion worldwide. As noted at Abort73: “Accurate worldwide abortion statistics are difficult to come by...Continued

Right to Abortion to Appear on Ballot

Yesterday it was announced that Initiative 89, an effort to enshrine abortion in the Colorado constitution, will be on the November ballot. It is an amendment to the Colorado constitution, so it will require a 55% vote to pass. While...Continued

“Pro-Life” Republican Chooses Abortion

Last month three Arizona Republicans joined with Democrats in the Arizona House of Representatives to repeal Arizona’s near-total abortion ban. While it is no surprise to see Republicans supporting abortion, it is terribly frustrating when they continue to say they...Continued