One Year With RHEA

A Rally for Life was held on the west steps of the Capitol yesterday to mark the one year point of the brutal and inhuman Reproductive Health Equity Act’s official passage last year when Governor Polis signed it on April 4, 2022.

What are some of the consequences of the Act’s passage?

  • Abortion is a fundamental right in Colorado.
  • The murder of a preborn child is considered “health care”.
  • Every preborn child is denied independent or derivative rights under the laws of Colorado.
  • Potential for the parental notification law to be overturned.
  • Potential for elimination of any conscientious objection possibilities for medical personnel regarding abortion.
  • Even the possibility of permitting infanticide.

And at this moment the governor has on his desk additional bills that will add to the cruelty of last year’s bill.

In cold and snowy weather, pro-life witnesses turned out to mark the sad anniversary, protest the current crop of anti-life legislation, and announce the inauguration of a March for Life to begin next year. Colorado Politics covered the event (though with an anti-life bias).

We are especially thankful for those legislators who spoke up for life at the event, including:

  • Sen. Mark Baisley
  • Rep. Scott Bottoms
  • Rep. Brandi Bradley
  • Rep. Ken DeGraaf
  • Rep. Anthony Hartsook
  • Rep. Richard Holtorf
  • Rep. Stephanie Luck
  • Rep. Matt Soper
  • Rep. Ron Weinberg

A giant thank you to all the attendees who supported life even in hostile conditions (weather and politics)!

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