Okay to Kill Children But Not Kittens

b2ap3_thumbnail_Cat-MaineCoon-Cookie.pngA recent letter to the editor published in the Colorado Springs Gazette clearly describes the warped sense of justice our society now professes to be the truth.

The author, Jerry Klazura, laments that our morally corrupt state allows the killing of children while it simultaneously arrests a person for the killing of a kitten. Where is the justice for the childen?

The author proceeds to draw a compelling parallel between our current society and those that allowed slavery (antebellum United States) and the extermination of the Jews (Nazi Germany).

The Gazette changed the proposed title for his letter, which I have used for this post, to “Later Generations Saw the Evil.”

If only we can get our current society to see the evil that is abortion!

Certainly exposing the corruption in our society by means of a letter published by the local paper is a good step towards ending the evil that now exists.

2 responses to “Okay to Kill Children But Not Kittens

  1. This article should wake people up to the double standard used to justify the killing of innocent human life. Thank you for bringing it to light.

  2. Thank you for bringing to light the double standard between killing animals and killing humans. Neither is acceptable, yet one is condoned and legal.

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