No April Newsletter

The current virus crisis, which has dramatically affected so much of our regular day-to-day lives, has also affected operations at Pikes Peak Citizens for Life.

The April newsletter, which was to go to press in mid-March, was mostly filled with information regarding upcoming events.

As you know, it was around mid-March that protection measures against the virus threat were mandated by the government leading to the cancelation of all public events.

We were faced, then, with publishing a newsletter that was already overtaken by events.

So we decided to cancel publication of the April newsletter.

However, we are adapting to the new environment and expect to bring you the May newsletter at the usual time.

I encourage you to sign up for our monthly newsletter email so that you can be made aware of the newsletter even if we are not able to send it through the US Mail (or if you don’t want to receive it via US Mail).

And, of course, our website is still available all the time.

Note, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, that we still have Sidewalk Advocates out in front of Planned Parenthood since Planned Parenthood, in exception to all other medical practices, continues to practice elective procedures (abortions) during the virus crisis.

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