Miracle at the Sidewalk

We’ve had an amazing story unfold at the sidewalk in front of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. In the words of our local 40 Days for Life leader:

This following story was shared by someone praying at the sidewalk last Tuesday morning. At the time, this volunteer was the only one praying at the sidewalk.

The volunteer shared that a large van pulled in to the private drive off of Centennial and he was able to flag them to the other side to talk. They were from Texas and were there to get abortions. There were 10 women and 4 men.

The volunteer at the sidewalk spoke to them and the couple in the front said they were not going to have an abortion. One couple in the van got angry, left the van, and walked over to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion. The van left.

Later that day, the volunteer received a call from a man in the van saying that everyone else in the van decided to leave and go back to Texas! If this was the case, many lives were saved last Tuesday!! God is good! Thank the Lord that someone was at the sidewalk to speak to them!”

Our pro-life witness is saving lives! Thank you to all of you who witness to life in whatever capacity.

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