Message of Life Communicated at Life Chain

A young man driving past the Life Chain in Colorado Springs last month was one of those whom the event touched.

He stopped to say that he was very angry at the presence of the 250+ witnesses to life who participated in the Life Chain. In his opinion these people had all come out to “torment women.”

He explained that by their presence these witnesses could be causing women who passed by to become depressed or even suicidal. If authentic, his concern for women is admirable, but it is misdirected.

You see, it isn’t the witnesses to life that are tormenting women. It is the abortion they experienced that is tormenting women.

We hear all the time about post-abortive women becoming depressed in the presence of children, or pregnant women, or on certain anniversaries, or by other happenings. Does that mean we should be angry about children, or pregnant women, or anything else that reminds a woman of an abortion? Of course not.

Instead, what we should be angry about is abortion! Ending abortion would end the problems of women tormented by abortion, and that is why the witnesses to life were at the Life Chain.

I must add that abortion also torments men, as may well have been the case with this young man. If he truly is concerned for women, he would do well to join us for next year’s Life Chain.

My sincere thank you to everyone who came out for this year’s Life Chain. By your presence the message of the sanctity of life was definitely heard!

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