Men Should Lead Way to Manger

As the nativity scenes at Christmas remind us, children are not solely a woman’s issue. Joseph brought Mary and Jesus (in utero) to Bethlehem and was there with them at the manger.

We often leave the men out when addressing the issue of abortion, but they are there, not only as the father of the child, but also as fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles and friends of the parents of the child.

Following the example of Joseph, men should always be ready and willing to help women and children in our society, to lead them to a “manger” if needed.

As it turns out, “mangers” are readily available today. In Colorado Springs we have two pregnancy centers (that I know of) which will provide aid to women, children, and men for free (Joseph would have been envious).

So, when God gives the gift of life, men should be ready to give the gift of support to the woman and the child. It is perhaps the greatest gift that we can give. Merry Christmas!

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