Medical Board May Contradict Legislature?

Earlier I wrote that “the state has promised under oath to act as if the law [Senate Bill 23-190] does not exist.” This law makes it illegal to advertise and/or conduct an abortion pill reversal procedure in Colorado.

However, as I also mentioned, the promise will expire in October after “the Colorado Medical Board and the state boards of pharmacy and nursing” issue a recommendation on the law.

In a hint as to how they might decide, the Colorado Medical Board has issued a draft rule that “proposes that the state’s boards for doctors, nurses and pharmacists not consider medication abortion reversal to be unprofessional conduct, per se” (as reported by the Colorado Sun).

Such a conclusion would contradict the law’s sponsors who labeled abortion reversal as “dangerous” (see the legislative declaration in the bill).

Certainly this raises the question as to what else the sponsors got wrong in the bill.

However, we must wait until October to see what these boards finally recommend.

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