Maternity Ward Closure Disinformation

A hospital in Idaho has decided to close its maternity ward, purportedly because pro-life laws in the state could be used to punish doctors.

However, as reported in LifeNews, “Idaho laws do not ban health care.”

What is going on here? As noted in the article: “Although the hospital did not mention abortion specifically, it blamed the state legislature for passing laws that ‘criminalize physicians for medical care.’”

The “care” that has been made illegal is elective abortions. This is not care at all, but is murder.

For those of us who assumed that the medical establishment was always on the side of life, this story communicates a huge lesson: the medical establishment cannot be trusted to support and defend life. They are willing to dissemble to uphold a false narrative that undermines the defense of human life.

Don’t forget this lesson!

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