Making Assisted Suicide Easier

As we have noted before, advocates of physician assisted suicide (PAS) follow an incremental strategy.

So it is no surprise that a bill in the legislature (Senate Bill 24-068) seeks to make PAS easier.

A look at the bill’s summary (as introduced) demonstrates the point:

  • Advanced practice registered nurses will be able to assist in the suicide (presently it requires physicians)
  • You will no longer need to be a Colorado resident
  • Brushes away conflicting requirements to receive federal money
  • Reduces the wait time from 15 days to 48 hours

In the end they want to make it easy for people to be murdered, especially those who are deemed to be undesirable (the terminally ill, the disabled, the depressed, the elderly, etc.).

We must work to defeat SB24-068 and to repeal assisted suicide in Colorado.

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