Making a Difference Everyday

It’s interesting to note that the abortionists know how many babies they destroy. However, you do not hear people like Planned Parenthood touting their number of KILLS.  But on the other hand, the pro-life people rejoice over saving even ONE baby’s LIFE and announce it to the community with great exuberance.  Due to the nature of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life such as youth presentations, advertising, and booths etc., rarely do we know how many moms and dads have chosen LIFE because of our efforts.  Only God knows this number! 

However, sometimes we are told how someone changed their mind.  This happened recently.  For years PPCFL have had positive pro-life ads running on the Military TV Cable channel at Ft Carson.  A gentleman, associated with the Cable channel, was contacted by a young single pregnant soldier who had seen our TV ads.  She said, “I’m pregnant!  I don’t know what to do…I’m not sure who the dad is.  My mom and dad will be furious.  I’m scared!  What should I do?”  The gentleman, being a passionate pro-life advocate, settled the young lady down and is helping her make the “best” decision in planning for her baby!

Just think all across our beautiful land, pro-life people are saving the LIFE of many babies.  Next time you go by a playground and hear the voices and laughter of young children at play, maybe, just maybe, one or even more of those voices are coming from children who have been blessed with LIFE due to the efforts of pro-life people!!

Please remember, the REAL bottom line for the abortionist is PROFIT!  But the REAL bottom line for pro-life people is LIFE!  God’s greatest GIFT to each of us!


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