Local Main Stream Media Actually Covers Planned Parenthood Abuses

It is great to see that the local Colorado Springs paper is bringing attention to a few of the improprieties at Colorado Planned Parenthood locations.

The Gazette notes in an editorial the following information: “Late last year, Timothy David Smith was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to sexually abusing his 13-year-old step daughter. The girl’s mother filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood this summer claiming at least four employees of a Denver office should have reported suspicion of sexual abuse when the girl came in for an abortion with the man. The age of consent is 17 in Colorado, and health care workers are required by law to report any suspicion of sexual abuse of a child.”

Furthermore, after the abortion the girl was put on birth control so that Smith could continue the abuse. It appears that Planned Parenthood was more concerned to help the abuser than the girl, and they were willing to flout the law in order to do so.

At two other Denver-area Planned Parenthood locations a client was counseled “to engage in dangerous sexual practices with her adult boyfriend.” One of these encounters ended with a Planned Parenthood counselor “telling the girl to go with her boyfriend to an adult sex shop, in violation of the law.”

The only problem I have with the editorial is its conclusion: “Planned Parenthood plays a major role in the lives of our youth. It must be scrutinized and held to the highest ethical and legal standards.” Yes, unfortunately Planned Parenthood does play a role in the lives of some of our youth, but it does not and has never had the best interests of our youth in mind. Planned Parenthood’s business is the killing of children, meaning it has totally rejected any adherence to ethics at all.

Do we really want an unethical business in our midst, especially one that preys on our children? I should think not. What we need to do is close Planned Parenthood down. To protect the next young girl who is sexually abused, we should close it down sooner than later.

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