Life Training Institute Christian apologist at Together For Life April 18

Together For Life is a monthly gathering to build relationships in our local pro-life community. On April 18, our special guest presenter is Megan Tolbert Almon from Life Training Institute. Megan’s previous training at Together For Life kept her audience engaged and on the edge of their seats!

An award-winning journalist, gymnast, and Christian apologist, Megan Tolbert Almon has trained tens of thousands of individuals to articulate and defend the pro-life view. We are thrilled to have Megan with us again!

Megan will continue her series on pro-life advocacy with Getting Practical: Learning to Think & Talk Like a Pro-Life CHAMPION

We would love for you to join us in person on April 18, 1:00 PM at St. George’s Anglican Church 217 E Pikes Peak Avenue Colorado Springs 80903.

You can also join the meeting virtually on Zoom: Meeting ID: 799 748 7376 Passcode: YES4LIFE If the passcode doesn’t connect, call or text 401-578-4471 for assistance. NEW: A livestream is also planned on our Facebook page

See you there!

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