Letter to the Indy Editor

As noted in a previous post, the Colorado Springs Independent (Indy) published a PPCFL advertisement even though there was disagreement among the staff at the publication as to whether they should publish it.

The Indy publisher noted in an editorial that the Indy will “always favor a diversity of opinion over silencing those with whom we may not agree,” a decision with which we at PPCFL wholeheartedly agree.

The Indy publisher also offered “starting a conversation with those we disagree with – in order to learn about each other and find common ground.”

In that spirit, I have submitted the following letter to the Indy editor:

As Pikes Peak Citizens for Life president, I applaud the Indy’s commitment to “diversity in opinion over silencing those with whom we may not agree” (April 21 Publisher’s Note) with the publishing of our advertisement, “What if Planned Parenthood killed puppies….”

I’m particularly encouraged by Amy Gillentine’s stated intention that we “learn about each other and find common ground.”

In donating the ad revenue “to an organization that supports women’s health,” we appear to discover one point of common ground: both PPCFL and the Indy support women’s healthcare.

Specifically, PPCFL supports quality women’s healthcare that is non-racist, non-violent, keeps every woman unharmed, and every child alive.  We trust that the Indy has similar non-racist, non-violent standards for women’s healthcare.

Unfortunately, as Gillentine notes, Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist. Their goal: eliminate ‘undesirable’ human beings – usually black, brown, and poor – through every means possible.  Sadly, PP’s touted “outreach to communities of color” is not new… they have always targeted minority communities…and with 86% of their clinics in minority neighborhoods, they continue to achieve the results their founder desired – less people of color.

PPCFL endeavors to direct women to non-racist, non-violent alternatives to PP. Our Sidewalk Advocates bring women and men the good news that there are “no-kill” choices for crisis pregnancies.  PPCFL defends all human life – at every age and every stage.

PPCFL has been working for years to move this conversation forward, and I look forward to the Indy’s participation in this endeavor!

We look forward to continuing the conversation that has begun.

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