Legal System Favors Abortionists to Disadvantage of Women

A story on Breitbart describes how a Chicago judge has decided “to reduce a fine handed down by state health department officials to an Illinois abortion clinic for violations of cleanliness and health codes. The judge reduced the massive $36,000 fine to a mere $77.”

Here are some of the health violations cited: storing food items in the same freezer that contained containers of fetal tissue; filthy floors; medication dispensing cups filled with crumbs of medication; recovery rooms with rusted walls; re-using discarded paper towels on patients.

In our culture of death, abortionists are able to get away with deeds that no one else could get away with. Can you imagine the same ruling being passed down for an ambulatory surgical center cited with the same violations?

Yet, even this action in Illinois is better than here in Colorado Springs since the health clinic regulations and license requirements of the State of Colorado do not apply to Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, as detailed in this story from MediaTrackers.

The legal favoritism of abortion has to end! Women and children deserve better!

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