Judge Won’t Extend Block on Abortion Reversal Pill Law

Previously I mentioned that a lawsuit had been filed against Colorado for Senate Bill 23-190 which, among other things, outlaws the abortion pill reversal procedure.

The judge handling the case initially placed a 14 day block on the law but has since decided against extending the block. As detailed by LifeNews, the judge concluded the extension wasn’t necessary because “the state has promised under oath to act as if the law does not exist.”

However, this promise appears that it may expire in October after “the Colorado Medical Board and the state boards of pharmacy and nursing” issue a recommendation.

So, at least for the present, it appears the abortion pill reversal treatment is not subject to any restrictions. This status is important because, even in the short two week time span of the block, “two pregnant mothers” were able “to receive the life-saving treatment from Bella Health and Wellness.”

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