Judge Blocks Law Banning Abortion Pill Reversal

A federal judge has ruled in favor of Bella Health and Wellness and against Senate Bill 23-190 regarding abortion pill reversal.

The state legislature and governor tried to ban abortion pill reversal earlier this year by passing Senate Bill 23-190. Bella Health and Wellness challenged the law immediately and has recently prevailed in federal court.

Background on the case can be seen at the website for Becket Law.

What’s not mentioned is the hypocrisy of SB23-190 in light of the Reproductive Health Equity Act, passed last year by the Colorado legislature and governor. That act specifically notes: “A pregnant individual has a fundamental right to continue a pregnancy and give birth or to have an abortion and to make decisions about how to exercise that right.” (25-6-403(2)).

Abortion pill reversal is all about a woman wanting to exercise her right to continue a pregnancy, but the legislature and governor don’t want to grant her that right, even though it is there in the Reproductive Health Equity Act, an act which they themselves made law just last year!

Thank you Bella Health and Wellness and Becket Law for your efforts to defend life and the right of women to continue their pregnancies!

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