Jericho March – A GREAT Event!

On Saturday, March 27th, the sun shone and the shofar sounded as a faithful, joyful group celebrated the end of the 2021 Lenten 40 Days for Life Campaign. Pastor Jeff Anderson shared the story from Joshua 6 about the Israelites who, in obedience to God, marched around the walled city of Jericho once each day for 6 days and on the 7th day marched 7 times around the city. At the mighty sound of the Israelites and the horns, the walls of Jericho collapsed. Following prayers and miracles shared by Michele Mason, 40 Days for Life Leader for Colorado Springs seventy five prayer warriors of all ages, led by Fr. Jason Keas, Pastor of Divine Redeemer Catholic Church, marched 7 times up and down the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood silently praying and witnessing to LIFE – God’s Greatest Gift.

Following the March, Michele presented the Fr. Bill Carmody “Wilson” award to Ann Burger who has been a faithful prayer warrior for many, many years (and a stalwart volunteer for Pikes Peak Citizens for Life).

Even though we didn’t see any walls fall down, all agreed the Jericho March was a great way to make our presence seen and heard. Many are anxious to do it again.

Below is Michele’s summary of the Miracles from this 40 Days for Life Campaign:

Miracles of 40 Days for Life Colorado Springs      
Ok friends, I am sharing a short version and a long version. I know some people like the short version for the sake of time and some people like to hear all of the stories. All except the last 2 stories have been shared previously.
I encourage you to read those last 2 stories, they are amazing!!
Day 7-Planned Parenthood could not do all the scheduled abortions! Something happened and a sewage truck went to the abortion clinic. A man and his cousin (she was scheduled for an abortion) came out of the building and spoke with a prayer volunteer.
The woman chose life!

We found out a baby boy was saved years ago!

A woman stopped and shared that her daughter went in for abortions not once, but 2 times in the past. BOTH TIMES, people were praying at the sidewalk and she chose life instead of getting abortions.
The woman said she has 2 beautiful grandchildren because of the presence of people praying at the sidewalk!

An abortion was reversed when a mom chose life after taking the first abortion pill. She got the help needed and her and the baby are doing great! One of our Knights at Night had a good conversation in the wee hours of the morning with a man in a tuxedo of all things! Please pray that this young man will seek help for his involvement in a past abortion. There are so many other miracles, known and unknown, and we thank God for them all!

All praise and glory go to God! Thank you, Lord Jesus!  

The full stories-long version
Day 7-Planned Parenthood could not do all the scheduled abortions! Something happened and a sewage truck went to the abortion clinic. A man and his cousin (she was scheduled for an abortion) came out of the building and spoke with a prayer volunteer.
The woman chose life!

We found out a baby was saved in previous years- There used to be a young woman who would drive by and laugh at those who pray at the sidewalk. She most likely thought we were crazy, stupid, or fools.
Until one day, she found out she was pregnant…
Her family and friends pressured her to have the abortion and it looked like she was going to go through with it. However, as this young woman was driving in to Planned Parenthood, once again she saw those “crazy” people at the sidewalk. Yet now, they weren’t so crazy to her anymore.
That day, after seeing the prayer warriors, she chose life!
The young woman gave birth to a baby boy. This young woman is now forever grateful to those who pray at the sidewalk. 
She doesn’t laugh at us anymore.

2 more babies saved years ago
“As we were ending our prayer time today, a woman pulled up in her car and talked to 2 of our girls. She gave them a bouquet of roses and blueberry muffins and thanked them. She told them that her daughter had gone to Planned Parenthood years before- not once, but twice to have abortions. BOTH TIMES the daughter saw people praying at the sidewalk and she chose life! This woman now has 2 beautiful grandchildren because of the presence of all of you praying at the sidewalk!  Two babies were saved!”

Abortion Pill Reversed! Baby Saved!
Shanese had 3 children already. When she got pregnant (7 years after her last child was born), she was shocked. They were in a tough situation financially and had other concerns as well. As her and her guy drove to Planned Parenthood, they noticed the people out praying and the sidewalk advocates who tried to stop them to give them help. 
Her conscience bothered her after that. Maybe she shouldn’t do this…
She went into PP and paid for the abortion pill. After she paid and had time to think, she told them she changed her mind.
The staff at PP told her she couldn’t get her money back!

They took her into the exam room. While she was there, the lights dimmed and she was overwhelmed with a feeling that God was telling her not to kill her baby. When the abortionist came in, Shanese told him she had changed her mind. He just left the room and sent another man in who said, “Here is what we are going to do. You will take the first abortion pill…” 
They didn’t even listen to her!! Twice, they didn’t listen to her!
Frightened, she took the pill and immediately regretted it.
As they drove away from the clinic, she threw up. She immediately looked on her phone for the number of Planned Parenthood so she could call them back and find out how to stop the abortion from happening. 
God’s hand was protecting her baby! Instead of calling PP, she accidentally called an abortion pill reversal hotline!
The kind woman on the phone calmed Shanese down and said,
We are going to save your baby today.” She told Shanese that a doctor would call her back, and he did. He got her information and gave her instructions to go to a specific pharmacy and to start taking progesterone (Progesterone is used to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. How quickly the progesterone is taken is critical to saving the life of the baby; It is best to get help within the first 24 hours of taking the first abortion pill.)
On the way back home, Shanese and her guy passed the Centennial sidewalk and she got out and told those at the sidewalk her story. The prayer volunteers asked if she needed anything and she said they were out of food. They gave Shanese a gift card and kept in contact with her to get her the help she needed. When Shanese had her doctor appointment, she sent a text that both her and the baby are doing great! 
Shanese said she feels like the baby is a boy and has already given him a name, a name she feels was Chosen by God!

Knights at Night Miracle- Shared by one of our Knights
“My vigil hours were from 11:00pm to 1:00am. It was really chilly especially when the wind was gusting, but then the snow stopped and the sky started to clear so that was a blessing.  I had my chair, my sign and the book “To The Heart of the Matter” by Shawn Carney with me.  Around 12:40am, a car slowed down went by and then did a U-turn, came back turned into the turnaround, and parked behind my car.  A young man in his 30s got out and as he approached me, I said “peace be with you”.  He was really curious about my being there in the middle of the night.  He was here from Kansas City attending a wedding.  He stated that he’s seen people doing this in Kansas City during the day, but not late at night.  He wanted to know more about it and was impressed with our dedication.  He was somewhat neutral about abortion, but does believe in supporting good causes.  When I mentioned to him that it is important to understand that we not only pray for the babies, but also the mothers, fathers, doctors, etc., because abortion hurts everybody involved whether or not they know it.  We talked for about 15 minutes and he even shared with me that he and a girlfriend had an abortion several years ago and he still has dreams about the child and it still bothers him.  We finished our conversation with a couple prayers and then I gave him my “To the Heart of the Matter” book, got his first name and exchanged phone numbers.”

This Knight told us that his time to pray was actually 10-12, but he’d had car trouble, so his prayer time was pushed an hour later. When did he encounter this man? It was at the time that he wouldn’t have been out praying! His car trouble turned out to be a blessing! This Knight could have gotten frustrated and could have stayed home, but he went to the sidewalk as he had promised! What a great reminder for us to not question why bad things sometimes happen. God ALWAYS has a plan!! There are so many other miracles, known and unknown and we thank God for them all!

All praise and glory go to God! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Stay tuned in for upcoming events and how to stay involved!

God bless,

“Let brotherly love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
Hebrews 13:1-2

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