Institutionalized Euthanasia and the Culture of Death

A recently published report on the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in the UK describes what can happen in a culture of death.

As noted in commentary on the report by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children: “More than 450 people died in Gosport War Memorial Hospital after being prescribed ‘dangerous doses’ of clinically unjustified pain killers.”

In other words, medical personnel in the hospital used pain medication to kill people.

The practice appears to have been carried on at the hospital since at least 1991.

Objections from some nurses were overlooked.

The family of one patient insisted the medication be stopped. The patient subsequently improved and went home.

Dr. Anthony McCarthy of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) sums it up very well. Calling it a “euthanistic culture,” he says that “[s]uch a culture views it as an acceptable solution to replace genuine care with the intention to bring about the early death of vulnerable patients.”

It is important to realize that the culture Dr. McCarthy is describing is the same culture we have here in Colorado, clearly recognizable since we legalized physician assisted suicide with a substantial majority of the electorate.

How could we have legalized physician assisted suicide? Dr. McCarthy provides an answer when commenting on the hospital case: “The systematic failure of both medical and legal bodies to take appropriate action in the face of concerns raised by nurses suggests that constant propaganda in favour of euthanasia and an indulgent attitude to ‘hard cases’ is doing its work.”

In the case of Colorado, of course, it was the concerns raised by pro-life citizens that were ignored. Euthanasia propaganda has done its work.

Such is the culture of death.

Our task, then, is to get people to see beyond the euthanistic propaganda and to rebuild a culture of life.

I encourage you to read the complete commentary at SPUC about this tragic case.

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