Injustice of Colorado’s Abortion-centric Laws

The Colorado Supreme Court just concluded that a man who shot his daughter while she was still in her mother’s womb (her mother died) is not guilty of child abuse because, under Colorado law, she was not a person because she had not yet been born.

Due to the gunshot, the girl, now seven years old, “lacks muscle control,” “has a surgically implanted tube that allows her to eat,” and “requires frequent hospital visits,” as reported by Personhood Alliance.

This is not the first time Colorado’s abortion-centric laws have resulted in injustice. I wrote of three other cases in a post back in 2016.

The Personhood Alliance article notes that the Supreme Court decision leaves open the possibility that the Colorado legislature could better define the terms “child” and “person” to include pre-born children. I can tell you that the current Colorado legislature would not consider even for a moment the idea of revising the definitions for these words because the current legislature is in the grip of the abortion industry, and they do not want the pre-born child having any protection at all.

This is just one more illustration of the consequences of elections. We must elect pro-life representatives to all political offices, or else get accustomed to the injustice the state of Colorado just visited on this poor girl.

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