Initiative120 – DUE DATE TOO LATE Petitions – Cure Period DELAYED

Due Date Too Late got some great news Thursday (4/23/2020)!

Initiative 120‘s legal counsel notified the grass-roots organization working to end late-term abortion in Colorado that a Denver District Court judge granted their request to again delay the start of the cure period until at least May 15 because of the continued restrictions related to the Covid-19 virus.

They will NOT be collecting signatures starting this Monday, April 27 as previously planned.

The group is pleased with the extra time to ensure the safety of petition volunteers as well as signers.

Initiative 120, also known as DUE DATE TOO LATE, is a measure whose purpose is to ban abortions at and beyond 22-weeks of gestation in the state of Colorado.

Between October 2019 and March 2020 hundreds of volunteer petition circulators across the state gathered signatures in an effort to get Initiative 120 on Colorado’s November 2020 ballot. Over 138,000 signatures were turned in to the Colorado Secretary of State on March 4th, 2020. To get the initiative on the ballot, approximately 125,000 valid signatures were required.

On April 4th, organizers of the effort were notified by the Secretary of State that a number of signatures were deemed invalid, so 10,000 additional valid signatures must be collected. Typically in such a circumstance, a ‘cure’ period of 15 days is allotted by the Secretary of State to the petitioning organization during which additional signatures may be collected. The cure period would normally commence immediately upon notification by Secretary of State of a shortfall. At the time of initial notification, the governor’s Stay Home Order was in effect and a court order was obtained to delay the cure period until the lifting of the order. Since the lifting of the order is happening in a gradual fashion, an additional court order was sought to again delay the cure period so that gathering the signatures would not be hampered by continuing restrictions on the movement of citizens.

Petition circulators in Colorado Springs are building a plan to designate central locations and convenient times when petitions may be signed once the cure period begins. That information will be provided here, at when it is available.

For more information on Initiative 120, go here:

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